Regulation on the use of information from the state registers and the State Cadastre Print
Thursday, 17 January 2013

After the creation of a new unified State Register of Rights to Real Estate and charges (hereinafter - the State Register of Rights), the information into the new register is transferred from the operating - the Unified State Register of restraint on alienation of real property, the State register of mortgages, the State Register of Encumbrances of movable property and also use of data contains in the State Registry of ownership of Real property.

The Regulation of Ministry of Justice No 1844/5 dated on 14.12.2012, validates the use of data from these registers to the new one.

Information is used by the state registrar to determine the presence (or absence) of records and encumbrance of real property rights, including tax liens, during their state registration of rights in order to transfer them to the State Register of Rights and concideration of applications for the registration of abandoned property, and as application / request for information from the State Register of Rights.

The Regulation also reveals, the identifiers the state registrar (officer or notary) searches for information from the Registers and the form such information is received. Thus, the information processed in written, the registrar signed, stamped and attached to the appropriate accounting or registration file.

The registrar moves the information to the appropriate section of the State Register of Rights, crelating the object of real estate.

In case of considering the application of state registration of rights and their charges the registrar puts a record of such a charge in a special section of the State Register of Rights, and then on the basis of the decision on registration of the termination of encumbrance shall record such termination to the State Register of Rights.

Moreover, since the functions of the state registrar of the rights concerning land goes to Ukrainian State Registry Service (whose special subjects are notaries), they also use the information from the State Land Cadastre. Order and procedure of using such information is set up in the relevant Regulation of the Ministry of Justice No 1779/5/748 of 03.12.2012 year.

Information on the land is provided bz the State Land Agency though telecommunication channels using public information encryption and using digital signatures based on the corresponding file in the registrar's request within 3 working days from the XML-file receipt.

The policy establishes the structure and amount of information in the request and the actual details of the inventory.

The State Agency and the registrar ensure maintenance of electronic registers the request / response, the form of which is also determined by the Regulation.